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We believe in the boundless potential of non-invasive therapy technology and the importance of nurturing the minds of diverse children.

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Pioneering Non-Invasive Therapy for a Better Future

Imagine a world where healing is achieved without invasive procedures or harmful interventions. At Qi Life Foundation, we are dedicated to making this vision a reality. We channel our efforts into groundbreaking research that harnesses the power of non-invasive therapy technology, seeking solutions that are gentle, effective, and accessible to all. Through rigorous scientific exploration, we are paving the way for a healthier and happier future.

Supporting Education, Celebrating Diversity

Every child deserves an education that embraces their individuality and cultivates their potential. Our dream is to establish a school that goes beyond conventional teaching methods. Our curriculum will be tailored to accommodate diverse learning styles, allowing children to thrive and develop their unique talents. By creating an environment that respects and celebrates differences, we are nurturing a generation of forward-thinkers and change-makers.

Sponsor a Child Program

Through our Sponsor a Child Program, your generous donation will directly contribute to providing a child with access to wellness technology and online classes for an entire 6-12 month period. Your support will play a pivotal role in empowering young minds and nurturing their well-being.

How You Can Make a Difference

We cannot achieve our goals without the support of compassionate individuals like you. Your contribution will directly fund.

Cutting-edge Research

Your donation will drive our research efforts, helping us discover new frontiers in non-invasive therapy technology. Together, we can unlock innovative ways to heal and rejuvenate.

Inclusive Education

By contributing, you'll play a vital role in establishing a school where children of all backgrounds can flourish. Your support will provide resources, scholarships, and a nurturing environment where learning knows no bounds.

Community Impact

Join us in creating a community that values health, education, and diversity. Your involvement will inspire others to take action and be part of this transformative journey.

Proven Case Studies!

Transforming ADHD & Autistic Children into Geniuses in 4 months

The video showcases the remarkable progress of Frequency Method™ students labeled as low-performing or having disabilities. They solve advanced math problems typically reserved for higher grades, demonstrating exceptional concentration, understanding, and teaching abilities. These students surpass expectations, defy limitations, and unlock their true potential. Effective teaching methods and student-led instruction are highlighted as transformative.

How This Autistic 7 Year Old Girl Transformed in 4 Months

Witness the incredible transformation of children who were once unable to sit still for even a few seconds. These kids, diagnosed with ADHD and other labels, have defied expectations. Led by our Frequency Method™ team, they engage in a powerful practice of affirmations.

ADHD Solved from 9 Seconds Attention Span to 15 minutes

In this inspiring scene, Frequency Method™ students, previously labeled with ADHD and other challenges, defy expectations. Once unable to sit still for even a few seconds, they now engage in a remarkable transformation. Led by our Frequency Method™ team, they confidently navigate through the entire process, undeterred and focused. The room is filled with their collective determination, with no distractions in sight.

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the tremendous impact you've had on Sam's academic progress. Thanks to your inspiration and guidance, Sam has developed a strong love for math and is doing extremely well. Given his enthusiasm and the remarkable progress

he's made, we are keen to keep this momentum going over the summer.

- Paul Nguyen (Parent)

Sean (3rd grade) has made tremendous progress in math (now doing grade 5 math). Additionally, he is at the point where he is able to visualize complex problems and solve them in his head. Finally, positive affirmations have helped Sean with his focus. I sincerely appreciate all of the time you have invested in developing our son into a scholar and looking forward to the continued partnership.

- Sheldon (Parent)

I recommend Mr. Jossie Gallizia, a skilled mathematician who taught 3rd-grade math at Uplift Education Infinity Preparatory campus. He formed strong relationships with students, employed effective teaching techniques, and adapted to their individual learning styles. His approach led to improved academic performance, demonstrated by higher test scores and overall achievements. I highly endorse Mr. Gallizia's exceptional math learning algorithm, which would greatly benefit students and educators at your institution.

- Jacqueline V. (Teacher)

Meet Our Team

David Wong

Founder of Qi Life, Visionary Inventor, Frequency Expert

Jossie Gallizia

Director of Educational Services, Licensed Master Holistic Health Coach, Master Learning Strategist, Educator

Boris Kerjner

Qi Life Technology Consultant and Practitioner Instructor

Sade Gallizia

Licensed Special Educational Instructional Coach

Braxton Bush

Licensed Social Emotional Coordinator

Toyshiana Gaines

Licensed Math Teacher

Tayla Baah

Licensed Primary PK-2 Specialist

Jeane Burns

Licensed Special Education Teacher and Case Worker

Our Mission: Transforming Disability
into Genius

The key is to expand beyond those limitations and embrace the power of frequency. By leveraging energy, we can transform our students and help them surpass their own expectations.

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Your generosity has the power to shape the future of healthcare and education. Join us in this noble mission. Together, we can empower individuals, heal communities, and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.